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Chances of heart disease drop by nearly 70% on use of Mustard oil as a cooking medium. The study done jointly by Harvard School of medicine, AIIMS, Delhi and St. John Hospital, Bangalore found the Mustard oil was “one of the healthiest edible oils”.

Health experts recognize the mustard oil as having the best fatty acid ratio. When mustard oil is compared to other oils, mustard oil has :

  • lowest level of saturated fat (8%)
    In today’s world dietary guidelines require a reduction of saturated fat. Research studies have shown a link between saturated fat and increased serum cholesterol which, in turn, is associated with increased coronary heart disease risk. Mustard oil has the lowest level of saturated fat ( 8%) compared to all other oils.

  • Is relatively high in MUFA (70%),
    Mustard oil has high mono-unsaturated fatty acid (MUFA) (70%). MUFA has been shown to reduce serum cholesterol levels and LDL cholesterol levels. MUFA does not affect levels of HDL cholesterol.

  • Moderate level of PUFA (Linoleic 12% and alpha-linolenic 10%)
    N3 and N6, two classes of Polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) are essential for human-being, as they cannot be synthesized in the body and must be supplied through the diet. Mustard oil contains a moderate level (12%) of linoleic acid and an appreciable amount (10%) of alpha-linolenic acid. Alpha-linolenic serum triglyceride levels as well as in reducing platelet aggregation and increasing blood clotting time. These anti-blood clotting effects play an important role in the reduction of coronary heart disease.

  • Excellent Source of natural Anti Oxidants found in form of Vitamin E
    Anti-oxidants are found in the form of Vitamin “E” (tocopherol) in the mustard oil. Vitamin “E” is very important for normal growth and development of human beings. It prevents the free radical reaction, which in turn stops untimely ageing process. It helps in the rejuvenation of skin. It also gives good texture to the human skin. It also helps in the improvement of fertility and muscular development.

  • Pungent flavour
    Mustard oil is used without refining because of the traditional liking of its flavour by consumers. Mustard oil contains significant amount of Glucosinlolate which has anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti-carcinogenic properties.



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