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MUSTARD OIL - SCOOTER brand Pure Mustard Oil is cold pressed from traditional kolhus which gives “Kachchi Ghani” flavour and natural pungency. Mustard oil has lowest level of saturated fats, high content of MUFA and moderate content of PUFA. World wide there is a preference to use oil extracted at low temperature which retains Omega 3, omega 6, Vitamin E and natural antioxidants. The oil is widely used for delicious cooking, aromatic body massage and preserving pickles.  VANASPATI - SCOOTER brand Vanaspati Ghee is made from hydrogenated vegetable oils. Is white and grainy (danedaar) in texture and is favored for deep-frying and making sweets and snacks. The product is fortified with vitamin A & D for health benefits.  SOYABEAN REFINED OIL - SCOOTER brand Refined Soyabean Oil is light and good for health This Oil contains good amount of PUFA and MUFA which are considered essential for the human body. Soybean oil is dominant vegetable oil used in households across the world.   MUSTARD REFINED OIL - SCOOTER brand Refined Mustard Oil is of made from home grown mustard seeds. It therefore inherits properties of mustard and is refined to make it light oil for cooking.  GROUND NUT OIL - Groundnut oil is an all purpose oil made from peanuts. It is generally used for it for its ‘nutty’ flavor and taste. It The oil is suitable for all types of cooking- frying , grilling and seasoning. Studies have shown that groundnut oil is just as effective in protecting against heart disease, as is olive oil. This is because it has similar properties and a similar fatty acid composition, as does olive oil.   IODISED SALT - Under Data Group’s diversification program, M/s Saurabh Agrotech (P) Ltd, Alwar has started marketing of Refined, Free flow and Iodised salt through its existing infrastructure. Iodised Salt (compound of sodium and chlorine) helps to remedy iodine deficiency in body and helps to maintain good health. The salt is packed at Gandhidham and is gradually increasing its market share.



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